Save Our E-Cigs!


We Need Your Help! 60 Seconds of Your Time Please to Sign Our Petition – Thanks to Adrian Dobbie, Mr Dube, Rob and Linda Reid – If You Are in Any Doubt About the Urgency of This, Please Watch the Video Below

Firstly, this is the link to the AVAAZ Petition, it has been live for a mere 2 and a half days and already there are well over 9,300 signatures, and not just from the EU, but from all over the globe.  We must be able to get 100,000 signatures, but rest assured, every single signature counts, so please do as we have done, and share, share, share on all social media, social bookmarks, forums and of course don’t forget to ask your non-vaping friends to sign as well.  We are sure they don’t want to see millions of ex-smokers forced back into smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Please watch this video if you are in any doubt about the urgency of this matter.

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